Film Opinion – I Am Love

I Am Love has yet to hit my local theaters, but I have viewed its trailer many times and I continue to be stunned at the aesthetics of its cinematography.  For those of you who are not aware, I Am Love was timed (color and exposure corrected), edited, and finished photochemically instead of going through a digital intermediate (DI), which nearly every movie employs these days.  In my own opinion, the photochemical process is gorgeous.  DI makes the filmed image look too digital for my taste, especially because most filmmakers scan their film as either 2K or 3K.  It is very rare for anyone to shoot on 35mm and scan to 4K or above, because it gets incredibly expensive and the files take up a massive amount of storage.  35mm has approximately the same detail as 8K, which means a 2K scan is cutting that detail down to a fourth of its original quality.  While the photochemical process cuts out a decent amount of detail with every generation, it ends up still being roughly equivalent to 2K or 3K in the theater prints.  But the best thing is that it preserves that lovely film look that almost no hollywood movie has these days…  I mean, look at that orange dress in the trailer!  Tell me that isn’t gorgeous.

The trailer does a good job of showing off the film’s photography, so I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in cinematography or romantic movies in general (I tend to lean to the former). The trailer is available on Quicktime Movie Trailers, and I would suggest you watch it in HD.


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