Flashback Review – Baraka

To the Blu Ray fanatic, there are usually a select fiew films that everyone can agree on as being the best of the format.  Usually, films like The Dark Knight, 2001: A Space Odyssey, etc are hailed as looking amazing, but most notably, people often refer to Planet Earth as being “the best of the best.”  However, this strikes me as odd.  Obviously these people haven’t heard of Baraka.  (Please click on each of the images in order to witness them in their full resolutions.)

From the above images, I’m sure you’re probably thinking “what the hell is that movie about?”  Well, simply put, Baraka is about the world.  It’s a documentary about culture and religion, utilizing only pure images, ambient sound, and music.

Shot on 65mm film, scanned in as 8K (utilizing scanners that were designed specifically for the film), then remastered and downrezzed to 1080P for the Blu Ray release, Baraka is simply a tour de force in image quality.  Every last detail of a scene can be perceived and the colors are incredible.  To think that the 65mm negative actually contains roughly 16X more detail than this Blu Ray release seems utterly unbelievable seeing as the quality is so superb.

The content of the film is very simple:  It juxteposes different cultures, religions, and people of the world together in order to show how similar we really are, while preserving the idea of cultural identity.

Nothing much more about this film can really be said, because it simply must be seen to be understood.  The spectacle is fantastic (you really haven’t seen our world like you will in this film), the documentary nature of it really inspires the desire to travel the world, and the film does an amazing job of being a filmic representation of our world and humanity.  It is incredibly profound and visually exciting at the same time.

If you have a 1080P TV, as well as a Blu Ray player, stop what you’re doing right now and get a copy of this film.  It will make your eyeballs bleed and your TV explode.

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(All ratings are out of five, with halves)

Direction:  *****

Acting:  N/A

Cinematography:  *****

Story:  N/A

Dialogue:  N/A

Editing:  *****

Art Direction:  *****

Overall “Film as Entertainment” Rating:  ****

Overall “Film as Art” Rating:  *****

Overall:  *****


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