Community Trailer – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

hunger_games_catching_fire_motion_posterIntroducing the first installment of Community Trailers.  We take a new or popular trailer, divide it into segments, and assign them to different members of the movie-loving community.  Each segment, both video and sound, is then recreated in any way the member sees fit.  Whether it is goofy or serious, animated or live action, the member gets to decide.  Then, once each segment has been recreated, they are edited back together to resemble the original trailer, in all its mashed-up glory.

Anyone can participate, but a basic knowledge of editing is recommended.  If you don’t know how to edit your segment together, just send your raw footage to me and I will do it for you.


  • You must sign up for a segment, stating both a first and second choice by emailing  Below is the full trailer with superimposed text to identify each segment.
  • After emailing your first and second choice, you will receive a confirmation and will be officially signed up for a segment.  Once you are officially signed up, download the file for your segment here.
  • Each segment must retain the same duration and pace of the original.
  • Recreating the image is required, but recreating the sound is optional.  If a clip is submitted with no sound, the original soundtrack from the trailer will be substituted.
  • If there is an extra frame at the tail end of your segment, ignore it.  Each segment should clearly be a group of shots, beginning and ending on the editing of the original trailer.
  • The deadline is indefinite until I have enough submissions.
  • When you submit your finished segment, be sure to provide a name and a link to your Youtube channel (or other link) so that you can be properly credited.
  • Go get some fun.

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