The World of Fables, GTAV, and 12 Years a Slave – Weekly Update 11/4/13

Since I took a class on graphic novels, I’ve been immensely interested in diving into the world of Fables.  For those who don’t know, Fables is a series of comics that takes the premise: What if fairy tale characters and creatures were forced out of their homes by a dark force and fled to our world to blend in and live in hiding?  The premise has been repeated often, for example the TV show Once Upon A Time, but unlike the repeats, it shows its originality well even though many of the characters and creatures are very familiar.

It’s been quite nice to finally get around to reading the rest of the series.  While I’m still at the beginning, I’m enjoying Fables quite a bit.  In addition to the comics, Telltale Games recently released their next choose your own adventure video game, and this time it’s set in the world of Fables.  Unlike most other games, The Wolf Among Us is episodic, which fits into the comic form quite well, in my opinion.  I have played through the first episode, which is what has been released so far, and have enjoyed it very much.  I’m currently writing the review.

In addition to The Wolf Among Us, I finally finished the campaign of Grand Theft Auto V.  This game is quite controversial, and has led to plenty of discussions on the role of violence and sex in video games.  I must say that I was quite shocked to hear of many little kids getting the game as a gift, as it is clearly rated M.  I don’t think this game should be played by any young audiences, as it’s very mature and requires maturity to understand how the game critiques violence and sex and their roles in society and culture.  Controversies aside, the game is amazingly well crafted, and is very smart.

I’m also incredibly excited though, because according to, Steve McQueen’s much anticipated film, 12 Years a Slave, is playing in Denver finally.  So hopefully I will have a review up of that film by this coming weekend.  Be looking for that.  But in the meantime, check out the trailer below:

-Nicholas Coyle


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