Deus Ex Kinema is an invented phrase to describe the power of film as a form of art.  The blog covers various topics such as:

  • Thoughtful movie reviews that cover a broad range of analysis
  • Opinions on growing trends in the industry and filmmaking techniques
  • Video Games reviews and essays that detail

My film reviews thoroughly break down the film in question through a series of key words and phrases, designed to allow those who do not want to read the full review to get a general sense of what the film does well.  In addition to this, I have two overall ratings that I give each film.  The following is out of 10.

  • Overall “Film as Entertainment” Rating – a rating that basically describes how entertaining the film is.
  • Overall “Film as Art” Rating – a rating that basically describes how artistic, well constructed, and well executed a film is.  For example, I would consider 2001: A Space Odyssey to be extremely good (ok, ok, it’s actually my favorite film of all time), but not as entertaining other films.

I acknowledge games are a very personal experience, because of how the game is shaped  by the gamer.  Therefore, my game reviews are meant to celebrate what the games do well, and give a breakdown of “What is fun” and “What is interesting,” rather than giving any numbered ratings.  My hope is that this is able to provide the reader with an idea of whether or not they should get the game, rather than providing my opinion of whether the game is “good” or “bad.”